Summer Math Experience

Accelerate Summer Math Experience

Accelerate Math Experience, designed for any student who wants to increase their math skills and math confidence over the summer, will be held for eight weeks beginning the first week of June and running through July.

Students from six colleges in northern New Mexico are invited to participate in this innovate math program. Math Experience is intended to help students complete developmental math requirements over the summer so they can pursue college-level math and degree coursework in the fall.

Nine math instructors and 6 tutors will attend several professional development sessions before this year’s summer math classes begin.  Skilled in teaching basic math, these instructors blend online learning material with lectures and robotics labs utilizing LEGO Mindstorms robots to enhance student’s understanding of math concepts and applications.  Based on an interest gained in last summer’s Math Experience, students from several participating colleges have formed Robotics Clubs and teams to participate in the next  RoboRave International competition.

Statistically significant learning outcomes from the 2013 and 2014 Math Experience “formula” have been documented in the final report from the program’s professional independent evaluator. Results have been published in several well-respected journals. Click here to read the article published in the high-impact, high-profile international journal, Problems and Perspectives in Management

Accelerate pays student tuition and a stipend to those who successfully complete the class.



Quotes from student journals kept in Math Experience robotics labs:

“I thought building robots was going to be hard . . . I did it within 30 minutes; after that I helped a few other students build theirs.”

“It was interesting to see how the graph came in handy with robotics. We plotted the points and would see if [the slope] increased or decreased.”

“I didn’t think there was going to be that much math involved [in the robotics lab], but seeing how many rotations there’d be and seeing the numbers makes me realize how much math we use every day [without even noticing it].”