Student Benefits

Create a positive future for yourself and your family

studyingBenefits of Accelerate:
• Learn critical skills for today’s and tomorrow’s careers and meet regional employers before you graduate
• Fulfill math requirements for your certificate or degree program through a unique approach that uses real-world applications to teach mathematics. This program will focus on using LEGO Mindstorms robots in lab sessions to help you learn and apply math – a critical skill in today’s job market.

You Qualify for Accelerate if:
• You have been out of school and are looking for a fast way to get back in and get the training you need to advance in a career
• You lost your job and need a new career
• You are currently enrolled or thinking about enrolling in college classes in a technical field but have not chosen your path

Special Components of Accelerate

Summer Math Experience
Earn college credit in college math classes. Accelerate pays the tuition for basic math classes and you receive a stipend for successful completion.

Financial Assistance
Receive a stipend for completing Program Orientation and attending Career Readiness workshops and events.
One of the biggest hurdles for people going to school in Northern New Mexico is financial; Accelerate pays students in the program.

testingCareer Readiness Training
Free training geared to get you ready for your new career. Practice your career readiness skills while networking with regional employers – plus a stipend for completing the program.

Coaches – called Career Technical Advisors -will help you stay on track with coursework and career preparation. They find solutions to help you juggle your job, family, and school.

Paid Fellowships
Apply for one of several paid Fellowships with area employers.  Gain valuable work experience in your field of study and references for your resume.

Interview Tips

Here are some tips from Roy Martinez on how to prepare for a job interview and more. This slideshow was originally presented at an Accelerate Meet and Greet with Employers at University of New Mexico-Los Alamos in November 2011.  You may download Accelerate.pptx as a powerpoint document.