Employer Benefits

Northern New Mexico Employers

The goal of Accelerate is to graduate more technical career students, place them in jobs, and better prepare them for career and educational advancement. Accelerate works with northern New Mexico employers to ensure that graduating students have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to advance in their jobs and careers.

Employers will benefit from Accelerate by:

  • Meeting students before they graduate and strengthening their employability potential by assisting with mock interviews, resume critique, job fairs, and presentations on what employers look for in an employee
  • Applying to have an Accelerate student work at their company through a paid 100-hour Fellowship
  • Knowing that Accelerate graduates have gone through extensive Professional Readiness training including events and workshops where they practice resume writing, networking, performing job searches, interviewing, dressing for success, and by discussing ways to maintain and advance in jobs.
  • Having a pool of certificate and 2-year degree program graduates who are assessed in ACTWorkKeysWorkKeys assessments measure real world skills employers believe are critical to job success.  Click here to learn more about how using WorkKeys assessments can assist in hiring process.

If you are an employer in northern New Mexico looking to hire qualified certificate or 2-year degree graduates, want to apply to host an Accelerate Fellowship student, or are interested in helping out at an Accelerate Professional Readiness event, please send an email to info@acceleratenm.org, or contact the Accelerate Career Technical Advisor in your area.