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RFP for Grant Researcher/Grant Writer


Grant Research/Grant Writing

Posted September 15, 2015 – Deadline for Submissions September 21, 2015


The Accelerate Technical Training and Job Placement program was launched in March 2011. Accelerate is a program of the Regional Development Corporation (RDC) in collaboration with regional businesses, and 6 Northern New Mexico colleges (UNM-Taos, UNM-Los Alamos, Northern New Mexico College, Santa Fe Community College, New Mexico Highlands and Luna Community College).  The goal of the program is to increase the graduation rates of non-traditional technical degree-seeking students, better prepare them for educational and career advancement, and place them in appropriate jobs.

An independent program evaluation conducted in the spring of 2015 determined that graduation rates for Accelerate program students increased by 20 percentage points over those of non-Accelerate students. The evaluation concluded that “…the Accelerate program and the elements that comprise it as it was constructed and evolved is one of the best programs nationally that has enhanced the outcomes and successes of students.”

Accelerate is half way through the fifth year of a five year funding commitment by the U.S. Department of Energy/Office of Environmental Management, and is seeking new funding opportunities to sustain and enhance the program.


The Accelerate program seeks a grant researcher to:

  • Meet with RDC for an initial need’s assessment to include discussion about program, funding requirements, and eligibility.
  • Research and identify top funding opportunities through federal, state, and private foundations based on grant requirements/criteria, award size, past funding history/location, proposal deadlines, matching fund requirements; reporting requirements, and terms and conditions.
  • Present a written report that details information on matching funders. Identify the top five opportunities, the timing required to meet proposal deadlines, and estimated proposal preparation time (for top five).


The Accelerate program seeks a grant writer to:

  • Prepare letters of interest (if applicable) and general grant writing services associated with grant applications for all or some of the five opportunities identified in the Grant Research portion of this RFP. Grant writing services to include preparation of funding abstracts, and production and submittal of applications to funding sources.
  • Submit full proposal reviews two weeks prior to grant submission deadlines.
  • Submit final proposals that include all required proposal documents to the RDC one week before grant submission deadline.
  • Proposer to electronically submit the full grant application documents to funder to meet submission deadlines.


  • This project requires knowledge of foundation, state, and federal funding sources. Previous success with National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Education proposals and awards is extremely beneficial.
  • Proposers may bid only on the Grant Research component or on both the Grant Research and Grant Writing components.
  • A preliminary budget for this project has been established. Vendor bids may not exceed a total of $13,000 (for both components).
  • A contract(s) will be awarded on or before 4 pm, Friday, September 25, 2015
  • Contract award will be based on:
      • Demonstrated knowledge of sources of grant funds available to New Mexico- based non-profits and institutions of higher education
      • Demonstrated proficiency in obtaining funds;
      • Provider’s qualifications and experience;
      • Provider’s staff qualifications;
      • Plan provided by Provider for services;
      • Cost of services; and
      • Relevancy of other information provided by Provider
  •  The due date for the Grant Research deliverable is October 23, 2015. The due date for the Grant Writing deliverable will be determined based on timing of the opportunities.


  • The proposal must include a section that details the time, personnel and cost required to complete the project.
  • To include a list of the most recent projects for which the Proposer has performed similar services of comparable size, scope, and complexity.
  • The proposal must include documentation (or directions to web-site) which demonstrates the vendor’s capabilities and experience on like projects.


  •  The deadline for proposal submissions is 4 pm, Monday, September 21, 2015.
  • The proposal should be submitted (ONLY electronic proposals will be accepted)  to:

Regional Development Corporation, 706 Bond Street, Espanola, New Mexico 87532

Attn:   Carla Rachkowski, Accelerate Program Manager