12/6/13: Accelerate Featured in International Journal

International Journal Publishes Article on Accelerate Math Program
Dec. 6, 2013

Espanola, NM – The Regional Development Corporation (RDC) announced today that an article detailing the results of its Accelerate program’s developmental math classes has been published in the high-profile, high-impact international journal, Problems and Perspectives in Management.

“The most significant single finding in the 2013 evaluation is that the combined content mastery results of the Accelerate math program eliminate and even reverse the ethnic achievement gap often found in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects,” said Dr. Mario Rivera, co-author of the article and Regents’ Professor of Public Administration at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Rivera also served as consulting evaluator for the Accelerate program.

These positive results run counter to the outcomes seen in the vast majority of similar programs designed to deliver effective and replicable developmental math models for non-traditional students.

Dr. Rivera reports that the 2013 summer Accelerate Math Camp uniquely demonstrates statistically significant learning outcomes by non-traditional students striving to enter or reenter STEM fields. The program evaluation reported in the published article found “exceptionally positive results across the six program sites for student participants fitting every socio-demographic profile. “

Problems and Perspectives in Management was founded in 2003 by like-minded scientists from the United States and Europe who wished to bring hard sciences and mathematics to the study of management. The journal provides a platform for renowned and emerging researchers to present their findings to a global audience of practitioner and academic peers. The journal’s objective is to publish research for the development of macro and microeconomics in management as defined by the American Economic Association.

Accelerate is an RDC program spanning and supported by six institutions of higher education in northern New Mexico. It is funded by the US Department of Energy/Office of Environmental Management, the RDC, the colleges, and regional employers.  Accelerate works with non-traditional students seeking certificate and 2-year degrees to increase technical degree completion, professional readiness, and job placement. Math Camp is one of several components of the overall Accelerate program.

According to co-author Dr. Andrew Feldman, Accelerate Math Camp was developed to assist with two main issues – students avoiding developmental math altogether and student attrition once in the developmental math sequence. Feldman is the former Academic Director of Science, Engineering, and Math Technology at Luna Community College and is the current Dean of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics at Linn-Benton Community College.

“Math Camp was designed to get students through one or more courses in the developmental math sequence. However, it was designed from a pedagogical standpoint that would connect content and context with both problem solving skills and math confidence,” said Feldman. Rather than serving as an accelerated course, “Math Camp immerses students in STEM content that helps students develop skills for continued academic success and gets students excited about the usefulness and beauty of mathematics.”

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